With a MasterPlan stamp added to the InDesign document, upload spreads directly from InDesign as you update them.

Choose a command from the MasterPlan app WORK menu to specify which parts of the open InDesign document to upload to MasterPlan Online.

Select Upload current spread to just send the current spread, useful for quickly amending an existing MasterPlan.

Select Upload a range of spreads to specify which spread to send to MasterPlan online.

Select Upload all spreads to prepare and send all spreads to send to MasterPlan online. Useful for first uploads.

Images and text of the indicated spreads are then automatically prepared ready to send to MasterPlan online.

If the Job number exist then the content is sent to MasterPlan and a confirmation notification is shown.

If the Job number does not yet exist (this is the first upload to a new Job number) then a confirmation message is shown.