Use Image Description tools from the CircularFLO or GreenLight Accessibility Panels to define, view and amend alt tags and extended image descriptions.Overlaid frames display the alt tags applied to every image, or highlight images which are yet to be tagged, for easy checking, proofing and amendment.

Edit the overlaid text to add a new, spell-checked, alt tag image description.

Prepare and hand off a light package that includes image positions, ready for the bulk exporting and importing of image descriptions.

Brief and extended image descriptions may be attached to each image on the page, ensuring the best description within the context of the page and for the intended audience.

A CircularFLO Image Description Package folder is auto generated and saved to the desktop containing

1. Positional.pdf - PDF file showing the page position of each image. See the image crop and the context of image on the page to help get the most relevant descriptions.
2. Optimised images - Each images is cropped as it is on the InDesign page and saved to a screen optimised JPEG and named with the page number and a unique code to help the with identification.
3. Descriptions.tsv - A simple TSV (tab separated values) spreadsheet document that can be opened, edited and saved with Google Sheet, Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel. This file contain a listing of each image name and columns to enter brief and extended image descriptions.