InDesign added animations are supported but there are some benefits to using CircularFLO tools too.

The Animation Tools panel (CircularFLO Window menu > Animation Tools) can be used to help prepare your documents.

Animations are a great way to prompt the reader to interact with the EPUB page and can be applied to any page object or image, to live text frames, to audio buttons and hyperlink objects.

Animations are stored with the object they are applied to and so can be saved as InDesign snippets, saved in InDesign libraries and dragged between pages and documents to quickly share and reuse your create animations settings.


Add an InDesign layer named FLO_ANIMATION to add animated GIFs to the page manually.

Make new Animation Setting

Over seventy CSS animations including fades, slides, flips, bounces and zooms can be selected, combined and adapted by creating CircularFLO animations settings.

Up to three animations can be run together, or in sequence.

Choose the first animation style from the drop down the top row of the Make Animation Setting panel.

Change the other values along the row to alter the duration 

over which the animation is played, the delay before the animation is triggered and how the animation repeats.

Set the repeat value to 0 to constantly repeat an animation without stopping.

Use the second and third rows to add more animations to your Animation Setting in the same way, if required.

Multiple animations that are combined in this way will interact, for example items can fade in or out whilst also sliding. Be aware that some multiple animations can override each other and also the repeating option does not make a difference for all animations e.g. Fading out or Hinge.

Note: Only the first animation is applied to live text frames

Animations are activated on page turn by default, although for a single animation it is possible to choose the option to animate on tap and to be linked to playing a chosen audio clip.

Apply Animation to selection

Animation setting are saved in the current document and can then be applied to selected objects.‘

Add Read Aloud start / stop

An optional object on the FLO_ANIMATION layer can be used to become a tappable button that controls read aloud playback. This button can be repeated on various pages if required. Read aloud start / stop buttons can be animated but do not have to be.

Remove Animation from selections

Take off all animations from selected objects. There is no need to remove an animation setting before applying a new one.