The CircularFLO Accessibility Tools Panel (CircularFLO Tools menu > Accessibility Tools) is home to various tools to help improve accessibility in our CircularFLO ebooks.

Reading Order Tools

Use Reading Order tools from the CircularFLO or GreenLight Accessibility Panels to define and amend the reading order. Overlaid frames show the reading order for easy checking and amendment. Objects are also added, in defined reading order, to the InDesign Articles Panel.

Auto define reading order

Automatically pass through the document marking each item in sequential order based on page position.
Objects are marked from top to bottom (y axis). Items with the same top position are then added left to right (x axis).

Manually define reading order

Manually mark page items in sequential order based on their selection.
This tool can work in one of two ways:

1. Multi-selected objects in InDesign (shift clicked) are marked in the reading order that they have been added to the selection when the tool button is clicked.
2. Click the tool button with no page objects selected, then sequentially click page objects to indicate their reading order.

Amend reading order

Change the reading order by altering the sequence of reading order markers.
Click or select existing reading order makers to alter their sequence in the reading order.

Section Labels and Page Markers

More info here Add ebook landmarks and sections

Add section label to active page

Add labels to the active InDesign page to define landmarks and navigation.
Move to an InDesign page and click on the tool button to choose from a single suggested list of relevant EPUB3 section markers. Labels are listed in typical frontmatter, bodymatter and endmatter sections.
Labels can be added to pages that already have a section label and will replace an existing label.

Auto add section labels to pages

Automatically pass through the document adding labels to pages based on page contents.
Section labels are automatically added to multiple pages by detecting page contents and the names of applied styles.
For example a chapter section label is added to a page that has an applied paragraph style whose name starts with the word ‘chapter’ or whose first word on the page is ‘chapter’.

Add page markers into text: For experienced users to see and edit the page marker position from within InDesign if required.

Add section markers into text: For experienced users to see and edit the page marker position from within InDesign if required.

Show / hide markers in text: A quick way to reveal or hide section markers and page markers added into text. Highlights will not export.

Image Description Tools

More info here Alt Tags & Image Descriptions

Add / update image descriptions: Add overlaid frames to show current alt tags or highlight images that are not yet tagged.

Prepare images for description: Export a package of optimised images along with a positional PDF and a spreadsheet file ready for bulk description.

Import image descriptions: Bring image descriptions in from a previously exported spreadsheet file and auto apply to each image.

Metadata Tools

More info here Adding accessibility metadata 

Add Metadata Panel: By declaring just how accessible (or not!) an EPUB file is, we can inform the retailer and reader about the features that the ebook has before purchase or download.

Add / amend extra metadata: Coming soon… A tool to aid in the additional metadata in a way that can't invalidate the EPUB. Contact us to be notified when this tool is in prerelease.