CircularFLO can work with text in several different ways and each have their advantages and disadvantages. We cover them in this section.

It is important to understand that there is no requirement to use live text with CircularFLO and many customers use 'embedded text', especially when working with PDF and preparing files for Amazon KF8.

Embedded text

By default, all words in placed PDFs and any InDesign text frames which are on the FLO_BASE layer are added into the eBook page and so become searchable in your ebook.

Embedded text is output as part of a retina-ready high quality JPEG and shown as an exact replica of how it appears in InDesign and in print. In this way areas of difficult to format text, complete pages or entire books can be converted to embedded text instead of live text. This means book are much quicker to convert and there is no restriction on fonts or design whilst still keeping your text searchable.

This way of embedding text is perfectly within the fixed layout EPUB3 standard and, although not recommended in Apple guidelines, Apple have thousands of fixed layout EPUBs for sale in iBooks Store. (either made with CircularFLO or not) that contain either embedded text or no searchable text at all.

Pros of embedded text 

No requirement to license fonts for ebook. Exact print replica, all InDesign styles can be used on non live text layers. Support for older PostScript fonts. Support for PDF text. Text is searchable to  page level. Embedded text can run across the ‘fold’ of the eBook.

Cons of embedded text 

Text is not searchable to a word level. Words can't be selected.

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