CircularFLO supports fonts in Amazon file in different ways for fixed layout and reflowable ebooks.

Fonts in Amazon reflowable files

Text in Amazon reflowable ebooks is 'live' and can be altered by the reader.

It is possible to embed custom fonts known as 'publisher fonts' into the ebook which are used when the book is first opened.

To embed fonts successfully in reflowable Amazon ebooks it is important to style your text using InDesign Paragraph Styles. Any fonts that are used only as 'overrides' and not using actually InDesign text styling will be substituted.



Note that PostScript fonts are not support for use with live text in ebooks and should be replaced or converted to embedded text.

Using Local Fonts and Document Fonts

Local fonts running on your Mac can be referred to

Using Adobe Fonts

Fonts from Adobe Fonts library can also be used in your Amazon ebook file. In order to do this we to setup

If you are using a font that is not yet setup then please follow the instructions to send us the fonts.

Custom fonts for Amazon reflowable can be a mixture of local, document and Adobe fonts.

Fonts in Amazon fixed layout files

All text in Amazon fixed layout files created with CircularFLO is rendered as pixels and is an exact print replica regardless of the location of the font, the font type or whether it is in contained placed PDFs or images.