Fixed Layout ebook proofs

The free trial version of CircularFLO is restricted to outputting just the first ten pages of any book.

Proof pages have a small watermark placed at the top and bottom of each page with hyperlinks back to the CircularFLO website - see adjacent image coming soon!

Proofs are made as valid EPUB and Amazon files and we recommend testing on devices.

Producing full length fixed layout proofs

When preparing your work and before using a credit, you may wish to make full page proofs.

As long as there is at least one unused credit showing in CircularFLO then the restriction to the first ten pages is lifted and proofs contain all pages. Proofs will still contain our watermark and a link to our website. 

Reflowable ebook proofs

The text of within reflowable ebooks is randomly altered with watermark text to provide a functional but unpublishable proof.

If you need to remove watermarks before pitching for client work before purchasing credits then we can support you with this. Please contact us to discuss.