If experiencing issues with CircularFLO's account, license or purchasing information the quickest and simplest approach may be to reset CircularFLO to the 'factory settings' - as if it has been freshly installed.

Please note this will remove any purchase information, see the article below on resetting purchase information if you have remaining credits you wish to preserve before resetting CircularFLO…

To reset CircularFLO we need to delete the entire Circular Software folder in the user application support folder. Once the Circular Software folder is deleted, relaunching CircularFLO will remake a fresh folder.

The Circular Software folder can be found quickly using the CircularFLO Help menu > Open Application Support Folder

Tip: In Finder, by Command clicking on the name of a folder in the top bar of the Finder window, you can select the Application Support folder to reveal the folder selected inside it's parent folder ready for deletion.

The full path to CircularFLO Application Support folder is your User Folder > Library > Application Support > Circular Software. Please note this is your USER folder Library which is different to your Macintosh HD Library.

To get this folder from the Mac Finder go to Finder Go menu > Go to Folder… and paste in ~/Library/Application Support/Circular Software

Once the Circular Software folder is deleted, relaunching CircularFLO will remake a fresh folder.