On the rare occasions when the Circular Software processing has been interrupted then the ‘run log’ file is very useful. It will show us where in the process things have stopped.

The run log is a small text file named ‘run_log.log’ and it can be shown from the Circular Software desktop apps Help menu.


If you are experiencing a problem and have a run log to share, please attach to an email to our support team with a short description of the problem and a screenshot of any messages shown. 

To email a run log open in the Mac Console application please choose to attach to an email from File menu > Mail

The full path to the run log is your User Folder > Library > Application Support > [then the name of your app so CircularFLO / GreenLight / MasterPlan]. Please note this is your USER folder Library which is different to your Macintosh HD Library.

The run log does not contain any personal information.