CircularFLO Special Edition is a build of our popular CircularFLO app made for use by larger publishers. To use CircularFLO Special Edition, you will need to have been invited  by a Circular Software customer. This invitation should receive a link to a client page and a four digit client number.

  • Visit the client page link you have been supplied and log-in to download the CircularFLO Special Edition app.
  • On first launch of the CircularFLO Special Edition desktop app you will be asked to enter your four digit Client number.
  • With the client number added, you may then proceed to make full length proofs.
  • Once the client has approved that you as a user working with them you can use credits to make unwatermarked and final ebooks.

The client number entered is important as it links your usage of CircularFLO Special Edition with the client for tracking and billing.

If you do not know the correct client number to enter, please contact the person who asked you to use CircularFLO Special Edition.

If you are having any trouble, please contact us.